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This is my first time travelling outside of south India, Mumbai is a whole new place for me.But I’ve more excited to attend my first ever microsoft ignite conference at mumbai. I’ve planned to stay there for 2 days (1 night) 22nd May -23rd May 2019 ,the first full day I’ve attended the conference. The conference went really good. I’ve the opportunity to see many … Continue reading MICROSOFT IGNITE – Mumbai

Kolkata: My First Durga Puja 2019😍✨

I always get inspired by my one of my favorite friend, sister, colleague and well-wisher who is none-other than Sumita Sen. She always tells that her ambition is to “Travel around the world”. From her, I learned that life is not simply earning and saving money but also saving the memories and enjoying life. Choosing a life partner is always an important one, I’m very … Continue reading Kolkata: My First Durga Puja 2019😍✨

Kerala: My Frist Domestic Flight to Join my Dream Company

I’m going to join my second company, EY (Ernst and Young). As a part of the training and induction I was requested to stay in Trivandrum for 2 months. I’ve never been stayed apart from my family 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦s . So this is going to be my first experience to a stay outside of my family as well as my place (Chennai) On Dec 3rd 2018, … Continue reading Kerala: My Frist Domestic Flight to Join my Dream Company

Quantum Computing : An Introduction

Introduction We often hear that quantum computer will be the future and it will help us to solve all the world problems like world hunger, natural disaster and much complex problems. Understanding the concept of quantum and its behavior is much necessary to solve these kinds of problems. In this blog we will understand the history and the concepts of quantum. There are many ways to understand why quantum mechanics is … Continue reading Quantum Computing : An Introduction

AzureDevOps: Deploying Secrets from Azure Pipelines

Introduction We know that Web Apps secrets can be managed from azure key vault using some secrets.json/secrets.xml. There is another easy way of handling the secrets without hanging anything from the code like installing Nuget package/referring Azure Keyault in the code. Here we are going to use simple way in AzureDevOps Release pipeline and Deploy Azure App Service Task for managing all our secrets. Step … Continue reading AzureDevOps: Deploying Secrets from Azure Pipelines

Azure: Daily Reports using Logic Apps

Introduction Working on-premises SQL having many advantages like you have the full administrative rights over a dedicated SQL Server instance, we can run scheduled Jobs using SQL Agent Job. Speaking of SQL Agent Job, I personally a huge fan of this. We can do a lot and lots of stuff like schedule jobs, view the job history, Run manual jobs, Sending Emails etc.,  But when … Continue reading Azure: Daily Reports using Logic Apps