My First Step into Microsoft Community as a Speaker

23rd November 2019, an unforgettable date in my life. The date where I took my first step into the Microsoft community as a speaker in a two different events on the same day ! I always love to help people technically. I uses the medium such as stackoverflow,msdn and technet wiki articles to share my knowledges to others, as well as I can learn more from others. I do always admire all the great speakers who helps the communities. Now it’s time for me to move up my next step into the community ladder!

CSSUG November Meetup

Well it all begins with one of my mentor Madhivanan (Madhi) the founder of CSSUG (Chennai SQL Server User Group) . He requested me to deliver a session on any good topic. Then I take more time to settle on a good topic, as this is my first ever community speaking i do want to give my best. Finally I choose a topic which combines my two favorite tools Azure DevOps and PowerBI.

Madhi was able to organize the meetup at Chennai Microsoft Office. Wow! such a great honor for me to deliver my first ever talk in my favorite company β™₯. Finally the announcement made at and

From the beginning itself I had a good feeling that this topic will surely help some community members. With this hope at last the day arrives. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t our side πŸ˜” , yes it was a heavy rain from the early morning. With this we missed many members. However, despite of this bad weather we received some good number of community members who came to the event also I got some good feedback as well as from them ✌

Dear Azure | Working with Azure DevOps [Webinar] AzureWeekends

One of my community friend Kasam Shaikh the founder of Dear Azure | AZ – India reached out to me for delivering some good topic for the community as a live webinar(part of azureweekends series). Actually, we had a very long planning for this series. Finally, Kasam confirmed the date for the AzureWeekends series, for me it’s was a surprise as this was the same day (23rd Nov 2019) which I’m going to do the CSSUG meetup. I got excited 🀩, as my first ever webinar and meetup is going to happen on the same day!

During the announcement of CSSUG Meetup itself, lots of the community members asked me to record the session so that they can able to view it on any time. But I couldn’t do that in CSSUG meetup. Luckily with this azureweekends series , the live webinar will be recorded and published so that the other can able to view at any time 😊

With the Power of Dear Azure Community, the announcement of the azureweekends series reached more people.

Once I completed my first meetup(CSSUG) on the morning, I delivered my first live webinar on evening the same day 😍 . I was felt like how lucky I’m πŸ€—πŸ₯°

My Recorded Webinar session

Lots of great questions were also asked on the live webinar session by the community members !

I specially want to thank πŸ™ Mr. Madhivanan and Mr. Kasam shaikh , without them this kind of opportunity is not even possible for a beginner like me. Not only to them , I should never forget the community members. A VERY BIG THANKS to all Microsoft Community members throughout the World 🌍

Happy Thanksgiving to all my dear microsoft community members !

“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live.” – George Bernard Shaw


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