Journey to IIT Madras, Thank you All 🙏

Forever grateful to my parents 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

If you ask me before 5 years when I complete my bachelors at Prince Dr. K Vasudevan college, I’d never say that I’ll do a masters certainly not at IITM. But here I’m writing my journey of joining IITM for my M.Tech in Quantum Science and Technology (QuST). There are so many great people behind this life turning journey who gave me their support, encouragement, and blessings. I’ll try my best to cover all those people in this blog.

a proud moment to receive my official id card

The Unfavorite Subject

Till my schooling, physics was the most non-favorite subject for me. But once I started my college life (1st year) I realized that there is no such thing as a non-favorite subject and it’s all depending on “How/The way we are being taught”.I’m a proud student of “Aishwarya Subramanian” who changed my perspective about physics. The way she taught us Engineering Physics I fell in love with the subject spontaneously and I believe my college friends would also agree with this.

Community Power

I first got introduced to Quantum Computer by Karthikeyan VK  during the Global Azure Boot Camp 2018. If you know about Karthik you would already know that he is a great speaker, author, community contributor, and much more …😊During this particular event, he explained the basics of Quantum and Quantum Computer. I got inspired by these Quantum theories, specifically on Quantum Computers by his talk.

Later I tried to research more about quantum theories and wrote a very basic blog about “Quantum Computing: An Introduction”. When I tried to go deeper I felt that it’s not something I can fully learn only by watching some of the YouTubes and reading blogs. So I kept thinking about how can I learn fully. But all this spark about Quantum started from him to me, Thanks Karthikeyan 🙂

Supporting Friends

Time flies….

2021, I meet my college friends after a long time, we discussed all our life journeys from college till now. During such a discussion all my friends advised me to do a degree while continuing the work, they mentioned that nowadays there are many such courses are available remotely for working professionals .e.g., BITS Pilani WILP, Executive PG Pgm MBA for working professionals by IIM Kozhikode. This makes me think “I could try something about it”. However I don’t want to do a degree just for sake of getting a degree rather I’m more focused to do an education that I’m so passionate about which in my case its “Quantum Computing” So, I started my research on that. During my initial research sadly, the institutes that provide courses on “Quantum Science” were not available in India and they have to be done on regular mode.

A memorable picture with all my college friends taken on 2017

Apart from my friends, there is also this person Mukul Choure who always encourage and support me in this journey. Indeed, more than a mentor, Mukul is a good friend or I can say a big brother with whom I always reach out for any discussions in my life. If you ever watch the series called The Good Doctor, I can easily relate you to him as my Dr. Aaron Glassman 🙂

Being Surrounded With Good People

Research continues…

During my research, I came across Renganathan Palanisamy who is my LinkedIn connection and a quantum enthusiast. I reached out to him and asked for his advice on how to follow my passion in quantum by doing a degree. I personally never met him or worked with him, indeed this is the first time I pinged and seek for his guidance. All I know is that he is kind, helpful and a great community contributor. Like, I hoped he responded to my query and guided me that IIT Madras provides a “Quantum Program” and shares the official link for “Centre for Quantum Information, Communication, and Computing, IIT Madras”. From there I got to know about Professor Anil Prabhakar who is leading the quantum program at IITM. Thus I expressed my interest to Anil Sir by dropping a quite long mail (the story about me). I’m forever grateful to Renganathan for showing me the right path towards my passion.

The Professor Who Gave Me A chance

I knew Anil sir will be a very busy person and he might come across many such emails like mine, so I thought it’s difficult for me to get a response from him. But luckily, I got a response from him within an hour, even before reading his response mail I got so excited 🤩 that I received a reply from one of the great professors at IIT Madras. He explained to me about Sponsored Web-Enabled M.Tech on Quantum Science and Technology where I can continue my education while doing my regular work. Being a mentor, he helped and guided me all the way to get a proper admission. Anil sir gave me all the hope whenever I felt that “This is not going to work out for me“, which occurred to me most of the time during the process. I would be blessed to have such a great person to give me this life-changing chance.

First Institue to Offer M.Tech in QuST

IIT Madras has been one of the leading contributors to the quantum research efforts in India with an interdisciplinary research group that has spread out across physics, electrical engineering, and computer science.IITM is also the first institute to offer a specialized master program in Quantum Science and Technologies (QuST)

For those who wants to know more about Web Enabled M.Tech Sponsored program at IITM

Center of Continuing Education (CCE) at IITM has come up with Web-Enabled M.Tech programs which can be attended by candidates from their places of work in the evenings. These programs are designed and conducted to offer adequate opportunities for student-teacher interaction. Post-class interaction is facilitated by effective course management systems. Candidates have to take approved core courses in addition to elective courses, laboratory courses, and projects as per the curriculum of the program concerned. They can complete the entire M.Tech program at their own pace. On completion of each course in a program, a certificate will be awarded. On finishing the required credits in different categories, the candidate will be eligible for an M.Tech degree. Academic rigor and attendance requirements for this program are the same as those for other M.Tech programs of the institute. The great advantage is you don’t have to appear GATE


1. One of the main conditions is that your company needs to sponsor you to appear for this course. i.e., you need to get proper approval from your manager/company such that all the course fees need to cover by your company

2. The candidate has a first-class with a minimum of 60% aggregate Marks (55% in case of SC/ST) (over the four years) in the Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or equivalent (First class Master’s Degree holders in Physics / Mathematics / Statistics / Computer Science are also eligible to apply for M.Tech. in Computer Science and M.Tech. in Industrial Maths and Scientific Computing).

3. The candidate should have a min of 2 years of experience in your company

*I just provided some important conditions above you can read all the conditions at the official site which can be updated at times

The Picture Special Gift I got for my birthday

Life At Gartner

During my initial research(before getting to know about IIT Madras), I reach out to my manager Rajiv Kapadia and expressed my interest to continue my education. He responded, “Continuing education is a good thing. You should do what you are passionate about. I and Gartner will support you”.Then I came to know that Gartner is an employee-friendly organization as they support their employees to continue their professional development.

My colleague Shanbagarjan Balasubramanian also gave all of his support during this research process. Later, I got information about the admission process from Prof. Anil, then I reach out to Rajiv and described the M.Tech QusT Course offered by IITM for working professionals with Prof. Anil’s guidance. Rajiv felt so happy for me and guided me to complete all the applications/processes in Gartner. I’m so grateful that I choose such a right organization, wonderful team, and manager. And I’m sure that I’ll balance my work and education equally and hope to get my team’s continuous support as well in this long journey…

I couldn’t think about joining IITM without the support from Gartner and Prof. Anil Prabhakar  

First Moments With IIT Madras

Here are some moments to cherish lifelong


Truly my intention is not to study directly at IIT Madras for my master’s. Of course, it’s my dream to study at IIT Madras, actually, I even tried and failed at IITJEE exam (2012). All my intention here is to follow my passion to continue my education in the Quantum field. By the grace of God and blessings of all my well-wishers that dream came true now which I missed earlier. My purpose is to “give something back to my world” and I believe “Quantum Technology and Computers” can able to solve some real-world problems. Thus I thought it would be a perfect way to begin my journey towards my purpose. I thought of writing this blog in detail because of two main reasons,

  1. I would like to say my sincere THANKS 🙏 from the bottom of my heart to every single person who supported and guided me all these times.
  2. Like me most of the students or working professionals who would like to continue their studies but don’t know how/where to start, I hope this blog will encourage and show some of the opportunities around them

With all this, I wrap it by saying “All these were just a beginning”. Getting admitted at IITM is just one step toward climbing a huge mountain. There are still several more steps that I need to confront on this long journey.


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  1. Nice Jay macha…. See our College picture here is a surprize to me…. Am very happy to read your journey.. Your achievements is to be continued….. வாழ்க வளமுடன் …
    என்றும் உன்னுடன் ஹரிஷ்….

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