.Net Core 2: Managing Secrets in Web Apps

Introduction As more and more applications moving into the cloud, the more and more securities that need to be handled carefully. Normally for WebApps whether it’s a .NetFramework (or) .NetCore all the configuration and secrets were kept in `web.config` (or) `appsettings.json` all the connection string/ApplicationId/ApplicationSecrets/Passwords were stored in those configurations. But this should not be kept as directly in the configuration which is less secure. Now, … Continue reading .Net Core 2: Managing Secrets in Web Apps

PowerBI: Tracking Location using Google Location Data

Introduction Google Location Tracking We are all used Google location for whenever we travel into the new areas or find exactly where we are. So we simply turn on the location in our mobile. As soon as we turn on the location google will track our location with exact Latitude and Longitude. Infact google will track our lat and lon for every 3-5 seconds. Considering … Continue reading PowerBI: Tracking Location using Google Location Data

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This is my first time travelling outside of south India, Mumbai is a whole new place for me.But I’ve more excited to attend my first ever microsoft ignite conference at mumbai. I’ve planned to stay there for 2 days (1 night) 22nd May -23rd May 2019 ,the first full day I’ve attended the conference. The conference went really good. I’ve the opportunity to see many … Continue reading MICROSOFT IGNITE – Mumbai