Year in Review 2021, Welcome 2022 !

2021 was nothing but a huge and memorable one. To make it even more special I have great news to share with you all “I got admitted into IIT Madras for doing my Masters – M.Tech on Quantum Science and Technology to follow my passion towards Quantum Computing“ M.Tech on Quantum Science @IIT Madras After some years of gap, here I officially started my student … Continue reading Year in Review 2021, Welcome 2022 !

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Journey to IIT Madras, Thank you All 🙏

Forever grateful to my parents 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 If you ask me before 5 years when I complete my bachelors at Prince Dr. K Vasudevan college, I’d never say that I’ll do a masters certainly not at IITM. But here I’m writing my journey of joining IITM for my M.Tech in Quantum Science and Technology (QuST). There are so many great people behind this life turning journey … Continue reading Journey to IIT Madras, Thank you All 🙏

Quantum Computing : An Introduction

Introduction We often hear that quantum computer will be the future and it will help us to solve all the world problems like world hunger, natural disaster and much complex problems. Understanding the concept of quantum and its behavior is much necessary to solve these kinds of problems. In this blog we will understand the history and the concepts of quantum. There are many ways to understand why quantum mechanics is … Continue reading Quantum Computing : An Introduction